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All of our security doors here at Rayner Doors are carefully designed and constructed to make breaking into your property a very difficult task indeed

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Rayner security doors are put to the test

Made to measure and manufactured here in the UK, all of our security doors are subjected to an attack test, simulating a real break-in attempt using a range of tools such as disc grinder, felling axe, jigsaw, crowbar, brick and sledgehammer to withstand deliberate attempts at forced entry. We know that all our doors are designed and made to the highest standards of security excellence.

The best in quality assured security doors

Manufactured to ISO and CE marked accreditation as well as being awarded a security rating, we meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market where our doors are proven to achieve the highest standards in security, quality and durability. All of our doors come with a choice of hardware and ironmongery options and are available with an FD240 fire rating, under the Certifire scheme. For your peace of mind all our doors are guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year.

Our security doors protecting your business

Our high-performance security doors are invaluable in deterring attempted break-ins; we do our very best in the supply and installation process to protect you and your assets. Business sectors such as financial services, high-value retail outlets, utilities, warehouses and government buildings benefit greatly from the assurance they get from having Rayner doors.

Security doors tailored to your needs

Offering ultimate strength and security performance, the Rayner Doors range of doors is comprehensive and comes with various locking options and vision panels, totally tailored to your exact requirements. Many feature anti-jemmy bar lips, reinforced frames, impact proof locks and reinforced fixing plates and are constructed to make a potential break-in unsuccessful; an unlikely outcome for a traditional door.

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